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Limited Demo

About This Demo

This text should explain what the demo is and is not, in literal terms. That it covers a section of data specific to Coke & Pepsi, what kind of data it includes, and does not include.

It also should also set expectations for what or how the actual product offering will be, in what ways it will be similar to the demo, and what they can expect from a subscription over and above the demo experience.

How to use this Limited Demo

This text should give users an idea of how to go about using the demo, experiencing the best of its features, so they walk away with a good idea of how wonderful their research experience will be when they subscribe to the full database.

This copy should be concise, but don’t sell short because of a perceived copy limitation. It could be as many words as you see here, could be a bit more if parented.

Step 1.

Select Organization or Industry and type “Coca-Cola Company” in both fields to search a single organization result.

Step 2.

Type “Coca-Cola Company” and “Pepsi Co” in both fields to compare organizations.

Step 3.

What should they do next? Click on what?

Step 4.

What other things should they try?

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